Nicola Cerini is a multidisciplinary designer based on the Surf Coast in Victoria whose work is influenced by her personal interconnectedness with nature and how this fosters collective wellbeing.

Nicola’s work embodies biophilic design and evokes our cultural and unconscious resonance with nature, which informs a collective sense of belonging to place. Her work often mirrors the vibrancy of this cultural connection to the natural world through her bold use of colour and patterns and complements this with the functionality of her designs. She then reflects this ethos by striving to use more ethical, sustainable materials and places importance on fostering strong relationships throughout the operations of her business.

Collaborating with designers, clients and companies, Nicola creates nature-inspired, biophilic design for products, interiors, urban and public spaces. Through her designs, Nicola strives to connect people to the beauty of nature within their everyday lives.